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Who We Are

In every community, there are people and companies willing to help neighbors in need if shown clear and credible steps. This help might be in the form of time, money, skills, merchandise, contacts, influence, or expertise. We match this willingness with nearby needs, helping established programs, and providing an easy way for volunteers and donors to find avenues of involvement in our community.


What We Do

Signing up at is easy! Check a few boxes to let us know your availability, skills, and interests and we’ll show you nearby project options that could use your help. It's that simple! Local organizations get much-needed help, and you get the opportunity to contribute to some great causes and give back to our community.



Where Do You Start?

For Organizations: Your organization will be available for volunteers to look at and reach out for. Volunteers with the same skills and interests you specify will see your organization higher than others.

For Volunteers: If you're a volunteer, you'll be able to browse a list of local organizations that are in need of help. It's a great way to gain new opportunities, volunteer hours, or just help the community out.

Our Goal

StepForward helps strengthen communities by connecting volunteers and resources with community-oriented projects, with a focus on those designed to help people help themselves.

Let Us Know

Let us know about a program you would like StepForward to support, or get in touch about corporate or individual sponsorship.

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